Selecting The Perfect Shapewear

With shape-wear, you can change the look of unwanted protrusions and give your body the smooth silhouette you desire. 

However, you must be sure to select the right size for your unique curves. Do not buy a smaller size thinking it will make you look slimmer. This is not true. Buying a size too small can in fact cause unwanted bulges in the areas that are not covered by your shape-wear. This can most likely make you feel uncomfortable. Too much tightness can be counterproductive and not work in your favor. 

Take into account the reason you are making this purchase. Is it for everyday wear or for a specific occasion? The color of your shape-wear should match the color of the outer clothing. Meaning if you are wearing light colored clothing, then your undergarment should be light in color as well.

Be careful with high waist shape-wear. If you are wearing a low cut top, you may want to get a low back or strapless garment. This will minimize or eliminate the appearance.