Post-Surgical Under Garments

Post surgical undergarments

When to wear stage 1 surgical garments and when to change it up. Selecting the right garment is crucial to your healing.

Stage 1 fajas need to be worn right after any cosmetic surgical procedure and must be worn for at least 6 weeks to get the full benefits of your results. After week 6, you are able to change your Faja/Surgical garment to a stage 2 or 3 and wear it daily to continue sculpting your body.

Feel the difference:

Stage 1 Fajas have a thicker material and more compression.
Stage 2 Fajas have a softer fabric and shorter length on the legs (mid -thigh).

How they work:

Stage 1 Fajas are garments that your doctor orders you to wear right after surgery. This high compression garment allows your wounds to heal, keeping your results intact, and reduces the likelihood of bruising, fluid retention, and bad shaping, post-op.

So if you had, or are going to have a Liposuction, BBL, or Tummy-tuck, wearing a surgical Faja for 6 weeks will protect and sculpt your midsection, hips, and buttocks area. Stage 2 Fajas, can be worn 6-weeks after.  It is recommended to continue wearing shape-wear if you want maximum results. 

Stage 2 or 3 Faja is a garment that can double up as a waist trainer. This helps to continue sculpting the waist, hips, and midsection. Any form of shape-wear can be used to help with sculpting as long as it offers medium compression (or more), in the areas you wish to shape. Garments with multiple hook and eye closures are great styles when deciding what type of garment to purchase. 

Selecting the right stage:

Post-Surgical undergarments are crucial to ones healing process. It is important that if you are searching for an undergarment that is required for an upcoming procedure, that you make sure the shape-wear says Post-Surgical Stage 1.

Post-surgical undergarments provide essential compression in areas needed for accurate healing. Please seek a medical professionals recommendation before purchasing a post-surgical undergarment for your procedure.